IMKON SUGURTA was established in 2019. Based on the company's internal policy, ensuring the sustainable development of the insurance market in Uzbekistan is an annual increase in the number of insurance clients. The company provides insurance services for 17 classes of General insurance in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Finance dated August 16, 2019, no.SF 00249. The company's priority areas are providing high-quality and reliable insurance services, ensuring a high level of professionalism of employees with an individual approach to each insurer, as well as ensuring efficiency in insurance claims. The company has a step-by-step strategy for developing insurance services provided within 17 classes. The initial stage of activity is aimed at strengthening the company's image in the insurance market through the development of mandatory and voluntary insurance, i.e. through other sources, when there are types of insurance associated with a mortgage Bank. In addition, it is planned to develop cooperation with insurance companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan, at the first stage to carry out incoming and outgoing reinsurance procedures in the domestic market. At the second stage, reinsurance procedures will be improved by improving the skills of employees and cooperation with foreign insurance companies, based on modern experience.