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Conditions, exclusions and additions, which are in accordance with the conditions of the insurer or are an integral part of the additional contract, are implemented as agreed by the insurer. Insurance coverage under this section. If this happens, the insurer will compensate the insured for the damage caused by the loss or damage to the insured property within the amount specified in the contract (sum insured). covers


    According to the terms, exceptions and conditions of the contract, the sum insured is the amount of damage caused by the insured or the beneficiary (at the choice of the beneficiary) in case of damage to the insured vehicle (hereinafter referred to as the beneficiary). . As a result of events: traffic accident, impact of objects, fire, explosion, storm, storm, rain, hail, heavy snow, avalanche, avalanche , landslide, movement of underground water, flood, lightning, earthquake, tsunami, earthquake (theft, robbery). Insurance cases are made on the condition that the insured person, the employee of the insured legal entity or the lessee of the vehicle is informed about the rental on the basis of the contract before the date of conclusion of the contract.


    The amount of damage is determined by the insurer based on the settlement agreed with the insurer, the order of the service department or the conclusion (calculation) given by the appraiser. In the event of a dispute regarding the cause and amount of damage, each party has the right to request an independent examination at the expense of the requesting party. Procedure for indemnification. If the vehicle is not fully insured, i.e. if the insurance amount under the insurance contract is less than the insured value of the victim's vehicle, then the amount of the insurance will be paid by the Republic of Kazakhstan. ratio to the sum of 'urta. The car is completely genuine and structurally damaged, and the cost of repairing the car will increase. In this case, the car is registered by the insurer and must be transferred to the insurer. In case of recoverable damage to the insured object, the insurer (by agreement of the parties) will cover the damage.