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Insurance protection of property interests related to damage, destruction and loss of vehicles, additional equipment and spare parts


vehicle theft – unlawful theft of an insured vehicle;

theft - mysterious theft of parts, spare parts, additional equipment belonging to the insured vehicle;

invasion - forceful removal of the insured vehicle or its parts, spare parts, additional equipment;

fire - open burning of the insured vehicle due to certain reasons;

explosion - if the insured vehicle explodes due to the increase in gas and vapor pressure, in this case, if a fire occurs after the explosion, the insurance compensation is paid according to the risk of fire;

traffic accidents - damage to the insured vehicle (collision, skidding, collision with various equipment, falling) during movement or inactivity;

impact of objects - damage to the insured vehicle as a result of various objects falling on the insured vehicle or sudden impact, or damage, death or loss of the insured vehicle as a result of broken windows.

natural disasters - earthquakes, floods, storms, floods, avalanches.


driving a vehicle in a state of intoxication (alcohol, drugs, etc.), under the influence of drugs that reduce sensitivity and attention, in a state of fatigue and illness of a level that threatens Yxx;

Violation of the rules of operation of the vehicle, fire safety, transportation and storage of flammable and explosive substances and objects;

when driving a vehicle, the driver does not follow the prohibitory signs of the traffic lights, the rules of movement through railway crossings, the rules of stopping and parking, as defined in the current "traffic rules" of the Republic of Uzbekistan, when driving the vehicle using the phone, driving against the direction of traffic on the road;

damage to the vehicle's tire(s) as a result of moving the vehicle on uneven and poor-quality areas of the road or passing over sharp objects, if this did not result in damage, death or loss of the vehicle;

damage to the vehicle, its individual spare parts as a result of constant operational factors (natural wear, rot, surface deterioration, cracking, rusting, etc.), as well as external appearance as a result of an insurance event or the effects of weather deterioration and deterioration of quality, etc.


One year


The insurance fee shall be paid by the policyholder within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of submission of all documents.