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It is created for the purpose of insurance protection of property interests related to the risk of damages arising as a result of costs incurred in connection with court proceedings.


An event resulting from the demand for compensation of the damage caused by the policyholder and incurred in the form of court and legal expenses, which caused the policyholder to suffer damage, is considered an insurance event.

Legal defense costs include:

costs of legal services of the insured;

procedural costs (court costs, etc.);

other costs related to court proceedings, which include the costs of court proceedings due to damages caused by the insured in the following manner (events that led to court proceedings);

damage to property - damage to property of organizations or citizens (destruction, destruction, etc.);

loss or reduction of working capacity of individuals as a result of injury to a person or damage to health in another form, causing the death of the victim;

low-quality professional service provided by the insured's employees;

non-fulfillment of contractual obligations or non-fulfillment at the required level;

Other cases specifically provided for in the normative legal documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


The policyholder has the right to refuse to pay insurance compensation in the following cases:

if the policyholder has provided incorrect information that is important in assessing the risk of insurance risks at the time of concluding the insurance contract;

if the insured event occurred as a result of deliberate actions or inaction of the policyholder;

if the policyholder does not notify the insurer on time about the insured event;

If the insured prevents the participation of the insured in determining the state and causes of the insured event, as well as the amount of damage;

If it is impossible for the insurer to implement recourse claims due to the fault of the insured.


It is determined by the policyholder's agreement with the insurer


After collecting all the documents confirming the reasons and condition of the insured event, within 5 (five) days, the insurer will make a decision on whether the insured event is recognized or not. When the insured event is recognized, the insurance a document on the insurance event is drawn up with the participation of the policyholder. The amount of insurance compensation is indicated in the document. The insurance compensation is paid within 10 (ten) days after the decision of the insurer on the recognition of the insured event and the conclusion of the insurance deed.