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Protecting the property interests of individuals and legal entities who are customs carriers in the process of transporting foreign goods in the event of civil liability in connection with the payment of customs fees to the beneficiary


During the transportation of foreign goods, when the goods are sent without the permission of the customs authority, lost or not delivered to the destination in an unchanged condition (except for changes due to natural wear and tear or a decrease in normal transportation and storage conditions), the customs fees calculated on these goods non-payment on time.


    In the process of transporting foreign goods, the obligation to insure civil liability of carriers does not apply to the following means of transport:

if the goods are transported in accordance with the Customs Convention on the International Carriage of Goods (Geneva, November 14, 1975) using a waybill;

in the case of transportation of imported goods by national motor carriers in vehicles equipped for transportation under customs control, with the presentation of a license card by these carriers;

when the goods are sold by legal entities included in the register of authorized economic operators on the basis of the first and third type certificates in accordance with the laws;

In case of payment of customs fees in accordance with Chapter 47 of the Customs Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

when goods are brought into the customs territory as humanitarian aid and technical assistance, as well as international mail and field mail in case of supporting documents.

It is determined based on the agreement of the parties


    The insurance fee is determined as part of the customs fees calculated for the goods transported under customs control, minus the part paid by the payers.

    Insurance compensation does not cover court costs, as well as fines and other similar payments.

    Insurance compensation is paid by the insurer directly to the beneficiary in the amount of calculated customs fees, but not exceeding the insurance amount.

    Payment of insurance compensation is made within five working days from the date of adoption of the decision of the insurer to pay insurance compensation.

   The decision of the insurer to refuse to pay the insurance compensation or to pay it shall be made to the policyholder no later than ten days after the written request for the payment of the insurance compensation. must be notified and when compensation is denied, the decision must state the reasons for the denial.