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Insurance protection of the insured's property interests in paying off the unrepaid part of the loan amount received from the car dealership for the purchase of the vehicle and indemnifying the damage caused to the motor vehicle purchased (pledged) on the basis of the loan agreement.


The following risks are insured under this type of insurance:

    Section 1. Insuring the borrower's liability for not being able to repay the loan received is an insurance event, which is the inability of the borrower (loan) to return the loan amount and the accrued interest to the lender within the period specified in the repayment schedule based on the loan statement. The insurer's obligation arises 15 days after the return period specified in the credit agreement.

    Section 2. Loss or damage of a motor vehicle - the insured to the insured or the beneficiary in the event of the theft, theft covers direct damages from physical loss or damage caused by fire, fire, explosion, impact of objects, road traffic accident, illegal actions of third parties and natural disasters.


    The insurer has the right to refuse to pay insurance compensation to the policyholder (beneficiary) if:

if the insured motor vehicle is leased, rented or pledged without a written agreement with the insurer;

If the insured (beneficiary) has not fulfilled the obligations stipulated in the insurance contract;

if a person who does not have the right to drive the insured motor vehicle in accordance with the current legislation drove the insured motor vehicle;

if the policyholder or his representative provided false information about the causes and amount of the damage in the incident report;

if the insured event occurred while using a motor vehicle outside the geographical area specified in the insurance contract, and xkz.


    The term specified in the loan agreement


    In the event of an insurance event, a 3-way deed in 3 copies is drawn up between the borrower, the lender and the insurer. The act is drawn up within 3 days after the insurer's liability has arisen. The insurance compensation is paid by the insurer within 10 banking days after he receives all the necessary documents, signs the deed and acknowledges the insured event.