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Family Insurance Policy against Accidents

Injuries to the body as a result of unforeseen events, changes in the function of the limbs as a result of the injury or events leading to death, regardless of the will of the insured person:
* burning, freezing, drowning;
* electric shock and lightning, explosion;
* injuries as a result of natural phenomena and aggression of animals, bites, bites, assault of a person with malicious intent;
* in the event of a fall or fall of an insured person on the insured person, collision, overturning of vehicles (cars, trains, trams, etc.) or their movement in road traffic accidents, cars,
injuries sustained while using machinery and other types of tools;
* accidental obstruction of the respiratory tract, severe poisoning by poisonous plants, chemicals;
* Accidental bone fracture, dislocation, rupture of joints and tissues, complete or partial loss of body parts.